Volunteers are required to complete 36 hours of Crisis Services Training according to Attorney General Guidelines. A non-refundable $35 administrative fee is required and covers application processing and a background check.

"Advocate" means a person who offers clients appropriate services.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Bilingual Advocate 

the assistance provided that supports, supplements, intervenes and/or links clients and their dependents with the appropriate service components to encourage self-determination, autonomy, physical and emotional safety, and to offer information that will enable independence. This can be viewed as a combination of active listening and facilitating personal problem solving, along with researching options of action, safety planning, community outreach and education; it may include medical, dental, financial, employment, legal and housing assistance

Bilingual Court advocate

is whose duties are to offer assistance to victims and any dependents in legal matters relevant to their situation. A Court Advocate provides court advocacy through support, information, assistance, safety planning, accompaniment, and intervention with any aspect of the civil or criminal legal system on behalf of a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking. As well as Interpretation for non English Speakers. 

Bilingual Hospital Advocate

is on-call on a rotational basis and present with a sexual assault victim at the hospital before, during, and after the medical forensic examination.

Children's Services

 direct child contact that is intended to address the effects of domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse and trauma on children including but not limited to intake, needs assessment, groups, advocacy, and any other service related to domestic violence, sexual assault/abuse and trauma (Must have previous experience working with children)

Bilingual Counseling

face-to-face therapeutic session with one-on-one interaction between a behavioral health professional and an individual to promote emotional and/or behavioral change focused on victim safety and perpetrator accountability. Those individuals providing professional therapy to adult and child victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking must be prepared to offer education and information about:
(A) Physical and emotional safety;
(B) How perpetrators maintain control and dominance over their victims;
(C) The need to hold perpetrators accountable for their actions; and
(D) The recognition that individuals victimized are not responsible for a perpetrator's violent behavior.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at Info@laluzokc.org  or by phone at 405-724-8471

24 hour Bilingual Crisis Line  405.812.0762

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