Mima  Survivor Award

 el Premio sobreviviente Mima 

The survivor MIMA award is in honor to La Luz Founder Mother. Who was was described at the Strong and Courages 2019 Gala as a strong, Courageous, outgoing, single mother, Hard working, caring, loving, immigrant Latina that didn't give up.


-Must be a SURVIVOR !

-Have some or all of Mima qualities in 2019 Gala.

-Participate to receive the award on October 15, 2020

We invite you to nominate a Latina survivor of Domestic Violence and/or Sexual Assault.

Nomination will close on  July 15 , 2020

The award will be given to the winner at

  the Strong & Courages Gala on  October 15, 2020

"She has had many challenges from being a survivor of Domestic Violence, Single mother and having a chronic illness. She manage to look forward, raised her two daughter at the best of her capabilities. "

-La Luz Founder at 2019 Gala

Nominate a Survivor for the Mima Award

Nomina a un sobreviviente para el Premio Mima

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